AGLOWlight LED technology range of flashlights


AGLOWlight is a Spanish manufactured brand with a single aim: to reach, with the highest levels of SAFETY, places that other flashlights cannot reach.


The AGLOWlight LED technology Flashlight brand began with the determined aim of providing safety for everyone by lighting their path, wherever they are or wherever they want to go.


The continuous efforts of our Engineering and New Development department have ensured that the products included in this web page, the projects in the development phase and even those that are still no more than a visionary idea have become a benchmark. 


YOUR NEW BRAND FOR FLASHLIGHTS WITH LED TECHNOLOGY. A new, highly-experienced team has come together with totally new ideas, but above all with the passion and drive to offer our clients the very best.
This Spain-based company is mainly dedicated to researching, developing, innovating, assembling and distributing lighting systems.


The company aims to create a new range of portable lighting systems and accessories that offer end users a safe environment in their different areas of action and/or work. It plans to offer safety and quality, along with the very best designs to improve work systems and reduce the stress caused by working with tools that lack the necessary characteristics.


We handle all aspects of a potential new launch, including the research, analysis, creativity, prototype, pre-mass production management, industrial development, logistics, molds, quality control and distribution. We encourage and promote innovation processes within our company and among our suppliers.


The distinct qualities we prioritize in our products include:
-          Enhanced protection 
-          Resistance and durability 
-          Water and dust tightness 
-          Heat insulation 
-          Easy assembly 
-          Lightweight 
-          Electrical and electronic safety 
-          Fire resistant - ATEX
-          Powerful as regards light output and distance 
-          Long-lasting runtime 
-          Easy handling


Now, looking at 2020, we cross borders and start selling abroad.

AGLOWlight, We are second to none!              An European flashlight manufacturer with one goal: to safely go where others try but fail to reach.                              

AGLOWlight is a Spanish manufacturer of LED technology flashlights, located in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. This Spain-based company designs, produces and assembles an entire range of powerful professional flashlights and reliable headlamps. 


AGLOWlight is Unique. The firm decided to venture into the area of LED flashlights and lights, combining ground-breaking and innovative design with a modern approach and extensive experience in the technology, reliability and safety of the same.


Here you can see for yourself that it isn't necessary to be very well known to sell top-quality products with very safe, new technological designs. After seven years in the market, we have made a name for ourselves in several sectors thanks to our perseverance and constant efforts to ensure that our well-conceived and designed products turn out well.


       -PROFESSIONALS who work in EXTREME SITUATIONS, even at the risk of their own well-being:


                                          Law Enforcement Agencies and Police

                                            Emergency Services


                                            Army and Defense Forces


       - THE MOST DEMANDING ADVENTURERS whose aim is always to go where few do.


ALL THOSE who require an effective and definitive PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION when efficient, powerful and self-contained lighting is required.

European Force

AGLOWlight is committed to tough decision making as regards lighting systems and intends, through this web page, to demonstrate some of these for the underwater and terrestrial world.




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