European Design and Technology, guaranteed optimum quality.

The AGLOWlight brand seeks to satisfy all kinds of users. Its flashlights range from the most compact (AGW80 and AGW150) to the top-of-the-range models (AGW1450 with 4000 lumens), always aimed at delivering quality and safety at competitive prices. The most affordable choice is the AGW150 flashlight, while the most versatile model is the AGW1450, which is available with 1450, 2000, 3000 and 4000 lumens.


This Malaga-based company not only manufactures flashlights. We also produce headlights and canisters, and distribute the accessories necessary for the correct use of our products wherever they are fitted (helmets, firearms, bicycles, vehicles, etc.).


AGLOWlight is renowned for its top-quality products. We supply a wide range of flashlights and spotlights that meet the most stringent SAFETY and DESIGN standards. Trust in our standardized manufacturing processes.


Together we will find the most suitable product for your sector or your personal needs.

Our flashlights and lighting systems by side and lumens



  • AGW150 range  (from 4 up to 400 lumens)
  • AGW250 range    (from 4 up to 400 lumens)
  • AGW700 range    (from  4 up to 1000 lumens)
  • AGW1000 range  (from 400 up to 1000 lumens)
  • AGW1450 range   (from  1000 up to  4000 lumens)
  • AGW2000 range  (from 400 up to 2000 lumens)




CANISTERS: ABISAL (1 or 4 LEDS, from 1000 up to 4000 lumens)



Manufactured in Spain 

local design of products

Exhaustive Quality Controls


Technical Service at own factory


Direct Delivery from Factory


Local suppliers - we ensure European Quality

Exhaustive quality controls.


         With more than 17 years of experience in the LED technology sector and in the design of flashlights and components, AGLOWlight continues to grow with clear objectives and has a long way to go.

         We search and work with the best national suppliers. We have always gone hand in hand with the best and you can be one of them. If you belong to any of our areas (machining, anodizing, marketing, electronics, wiring, lasers, flashlight accessories, ...) and you consider yourself good at your job (timely deliveries, technical skills, product warranty, resolution, good communication, ...),  we can be your client.

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