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We understand that, once the initial LED revolution has come and gone, few companies can offer this kind of powerful light. It isn't easy to choose the most suitable one single LED aluminum flashlight for your protection equipment without having tested it first and comparing its characteristics with those of other models in great detail. The type of light, the type of beam, its duration, its performance regarding impacts or drops, its size and weight etc. are all important for defense and security work.


AGLOWlight combines, in one simple design, all of the performance features needed to equip members of law enforcement agencies.


Our flashlights are designed to be easy to use and maintain. They are impact resistant, have a beam distance of over 200 meters and, combined with accessories, such as belt holsters, clips and mounting holders, for example, they can be worn in different locations or with a double flexible ring mount for finger, they leave your hands free. They can also be used on firearms when combined with a remote on/off switch and Picatinny adapter, for example. All of this results in optimized resistance and safety.


Its simple design soon led us to develop a range of powerful, rechargeable flashlights with a variety of different features. The lightweight AGW250 PR for wearing in the most practical location, for example on a belt, a jacket or in the hand; while the robust AGW1000 can be a vehicle equipment to provide support over large expanses of land and for illuminating even the tiniest detail on building facades far away.

Tactical Flashlight AGW250 PR 

Powerful Tactical flashlight with tatinium clip

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