AGLOWlight with the Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are on the rise. In the winter, when the sun sets early and there are greater fluctuations of temperature, we have to be a bit more cautious than at other times of the year. Lack of visibility should not only be taken into account because of the dangers it poses to you, but also because you will not be visible to others. 
For LEISURE activities, a good flashlight allows you to enjoy places, details and areas you would not otherwise have access to. Power, beam intensity, impact and corrosion resistance and the appropriate accessories, for example, are all of utmost importance. 
In terms of SAFETY, seeing and being seen without dazzling others should be a rule of thumb. It is important to have the right kind of flashlight that allows you to enjoy your chosen outdoor activity with total peace of mind. An unexpected stop during a car journey, a hike in the mountains, a stopover during a boat trip, a bike ride, camping, a noise outside, for example, are all much safer and present fewer surprises when you have a flashlight that meets some minimal technical characteristics. 
If you're planning an outing that will last around three hours, we recommend the AGW250 flashlight. However, if your outing could last longer, remember to bring another ready-charged battery with you, or go for the AGW150 flashlight with its runtime of over ten hours. Don't forget to bring along AA batteries (available at shopping centers, mini-markets and service stations, for example). 
If you want to see in greater detail or need a wider beam angle, choose the AGW1000. We designed this model for all outdoor activities and it has a runtime of over two hours with constant light.


Enjoy the winter!

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