Smoke, Dust, Darkness, Water, Life-threatening...

...these are some of the conditions in which our clients work.
AGLOWlight is committed to offering these professionals the very best portable lighting systems, and guaranteeing them success on every mission they are called out on. A flashlight adapted to your needs, allows you to locate people or places, assess details and reach areas that may be of vital importance when trying to resolve a risky situation.

Materials. The correct choice of materials is essential for the product's optimal performance. 


Each component is carefully crafted. The aluminum is therefore well anodized and only top-quality O-ring seals, leading-brand batteries, tailored electronics, and polycarbonates and aluminums with a high impact-resistance are used, to ensure that the flashlight operates even under the harshest working conditions while still offering outstanding performance.


Efficiency. The choice of equipment for emergency staff must always be determined by its efficiency and quality. Therefore, an AGLOWlight flashlight is efficient:

•    All on/off switches, batteries and chargers are compatible across the safety and emergency range. 
•    Tailored design and development, including: light output levels, weights, beam angles and accessories. 
•    Allows solutions for most needs.


Warranty and Technical Service in Spain. Our flashlights are European products. The technical product development team, assembly center and component suppliers are all based in the European Union.


That's why AGLOWlight offers top-quality products and why its flashlights reach places other products cannot reach.


Technical Director  & CEO


Helmet Flashlight AGW250 C

We offer you different helmet flashlight and emergency vehicle flashlight models for rescue teams and fireflashlights, with or without light output levels. Security glow-in-the-dark button.fighters. Watertight fire-resistant 

helmet flashlight AGW250 C
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